[MUSIC] Moses Opa Mayaya (Messiah)

[MUSIC] Moses Opa Mayaya  (Messiah)

Moses opa who is a Graduate of Nasarawa State University. studies theater and cultural studies 
Now a Born again Christian who had his encounter during his NYSC while worshipping with Christ embassy katsina he has this spirit fill song title mayaya  this happened to be his first gospel song release to celebrate his birthday and his new life in Christ Jesus. 
You are blessed as you listen

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Can you lift your holy hands, and worship the Lord
where ever you are... 
He is messiah, I don't know what you call him in your own language, 
But I call him mayaya 
Thank you holy spirit of God. 
(Speaks in tongues)..... Oh jesus
Thank you holy spirit of God

Mayaya aa.. ×3
That's who you're. (repeat)
(Speaks in tongues)
Holy spirit of God, you're the healer to the sick ones. 
You're the father to the featherless. 
Oh messiah, oh mayayya, thank you holy spirit of God. 
Rabai that's who you're. 

You're messiah ×2
That's who you're 
You're mayyaya ×2
That's who you're 
You're messiah ×2 
That's who you're 
You're my saviour
You're my healer, that's who you're., 

You're my messiah oh ooo
You're my savior ooh oo... 
Mayaya aa..×2
That's who you're 
Mayayya.. Oh lord, what more can I say without you, 
And I'm free from the bondage of sin
(Speaks in tongue)

Oh lord,  let the holy spirit continue to arrest 
And disable every act of sin, that is taking souls away from the kingdom. 
Thank you holy spirit of God because you're the one. 

Mayaya aaa ×2
That's who you're. 

I worship you Lord, I bow before your throne. 
My hands are lifted high above

You're messiah ×2
That's who you're 

Oh lord, we worship you
My life changer, my inspiration 
Oh lord. 
Let thy will be done
Let thy Kingdom come 
We call unto you, you said by his strength,
No man shall prevail. 

But by faith we can say to a mountain, 
Let the portals of heaven be open
Let the glory be upon you
Thanks you holy 
Thank you adonai 
Thank you rapha 
Jehovah mekadesh 

Jehovah Jireh
Jehovah Nissi 
Thank you jesus
Thank you throne of grace..